If you had the chance to heal and live a journey of unimaginable proportions, would you?

If you could change one perception of eight billion people, those alive and those not yet born, a perception that would change the face of life on this planet, would you?

Then read SUNBLOOD and you will have changed the world!


What you are about to read is a true story based on events that occurred in my life between the years 1989 and 2001. The heart of this story is just that, events lived to understand the heart, my heart and the pain and anguish I suffered because of the different events in my life and my reaction to them.

In having been poisoned by NDMA (N - nitrosodimethylamine), a corporate waste by-product, I have come to the conclusion that life is not all that it appears to be. In that statement I reveal the heart and context of the coming pages, for the life I lived was lived in another realm that in some cases could be construed as absolutely unbelievable.

In some cases, our path in life can arrive in the most unusual of ways, for the Spirit of life, the heart of truth understands and delivers healing in its own way, a path to some that would seem illogical, but to the Spirit of truth and its knowing, quite logical for it knows the pain of the mind, the pain of emotions, and the pain of a body and the events leading up to illness, sickness and disease. And it knows the cure, the path that will lead one out of the wilderness of pain and anguish, to set free a broken heart, a broken mind and a soul dying for the loss of love, for the loss of understanding.

I have lived a most remarkable story, an unbelievable story. However, having lived it, and having experienced it and in experiencing it, developing psychic gifts as well as acquiring quantum knowledge in regard to the understanding of energetics applied to economics, war, relationships and health I can safely say that the path of learning that one can embark on can indeed be mysterious, if not outright unbelievable, almost unbelievable as some will feel upon reading the forthcoming words.

But in fact, it was the events that I experienced, being poisoned by NDMA, a corporate by-product that launched this most amazing journey, a journey that broke my heart, and a journey that almost destroyed my life.

Due to the fact that I do not have extensive proof as to the NDMA, poisoning, aside from the fact that I ingested the product that contained the NDMA, in the later months of 1989 and into the first few months of 1990, and became deathly ill due to its effects, my blood tests registering an astronomical amount of toxic poisoning, I have not mentioned names of any corporations, or the site of the contamination. I do not wish to enter the area of what could be termed libel and become a victim of having lived my own truth, although I do have mounds of data, years worth of tracking the pain I was living and its cause, having fully believed that I had been poisoned and still believing that to this day.

I also have no wish to bring pain on anyone else or a corporation, despite that this world and its ways, its systems and its belief in denial and blame and the avoiding of accountability are the underlying cause of all misfortune we experience due to the perpetuation of fear, need and loss that runs this world. Having suffered the depths of pain and anguish and knowing its destructive power I will not play the blame game or look for my share of the pie as it were, through pointing fingers. There's enough of that in this world.

To be fair, I will also state that I have also suffered through Crohn's disease, which I contracted at a young age. Some could blame this for some of the toxic reactions in my body. But for the most count, the sustained symptomology and the depths of deterioration to my body occurred within the time frame of having ingested the NDMA, and the days following and all symptomology mirroring NDMA, poisoning. Lymph disease was also a result.

However, this is not a story of blame or issue or of pointing fingers, for actions such as that never solve anything. Blame only leads to defensiveness and not answers or change This can be seen by a world that chooses only to blame, which we see every day within world politics and the corporate world, which choose denial, instead of dealing with truth and coming together in truth in the search of answers to further movement that lives within balance, and within honour.

Therefore, SUNBLOOD is a story of what I lived, the pain of a mind believing it had been betrayed and abandoned, the destruction of a heart that was slowly dying because of anguish and feelings of abandonment by society and a most unusual journey that came with the miraculous, in order to save a mind, to save my life.

Mind you, the story you are about to read does deal with hurt and blame in regard to government and what I believed to be lack of government oversight in regard to the protection of water resources, but they are feelings, natural feelings one experiences upon being shocked and hurt, but they are also feelings that came to be healed through a higher understanding of life, through wisdom and forgiveness, the forgiveness of one's own heart for living in fear, and for forgetting the one word that heals everything. . . LOVE.

All in all, my story was written for personal absolution, an absolution of forgiveness within my own heart and as a testament to life's truth, life's wisdom lived through the heart and its power to heal a life, a mind, an understanding, a perception and truth. The spirit of life will always prevail, no matter the circumstances, no matter the pain, no matter the betrayal or any other aspect of life's misunderstandings or outright anguish, for that spirit of life, which is LOVE, is the heart's remembering of the truth, bypassing all pain, all fear and all blame.

We as a society have a duty to continue to grow, to continue to evolve. We may call ourselves G8 nations, but we are still in the baby steps of understanding life and applying its wisdom to all of our endeavours, which explains the state that our world now resides in.

We are living in times of great change, great chaos, great environmental damage and great hatred, a world bent on destruction because of religion being used as a smokescreen for hatred and carnage. We are also living in a time of great economic surplus, but that surplus is relegated only to the greater upper tier of society. The bottom tier can no longer keep funding the upper tier, and so we have economic change and the need for a changing of systems. One cannot drain a pool and still expect there to be resources, for example, the water in the pool or our earth's resources. When something is gone, it's gone. One cannot keep increasing a quarter's profit within a corporation when there is no need for a product. When there is excess capacity in a society.

I understand capitalism, and I believe in it, but not within the system we live within today, for that system is only designed to serve the top tier of the economy. All other tiers of the economy have been leached to their greatest extent, resources, labour, credit debt, and so on, to serve an ever expanded quarterly profit, the upper tier and shareholders.

One major aspect of capitalism that has been ignored and is largely responsible for this world's troubles today is the proper understanding of marketing. Marketing is the understanding that one invents a product or service to fill a need. In order to foster capitalism one must continue creating needs. But here lies the great illusion of capitalism, when one is in need it constitutes that fear exists, that lack exists, that hunger exists, that pain exists, that war exists, all these being the greatest extensions of need, loss and fear.

All of this has led to greater and greater aspects of greed and the ever- present search for expansion through the fostering of need, loss and fear in order to sell a product or service, in order to sell a feeling of false security to the public.

But why do I go on about the economy when this is a story of the heart and of life and of remembering truth and real justice. The foundation of life is built upon money; it is not built upon the heart and its understandings. It is not built upon wisdom and knowledge, but on street smarts and how to make a buck. Because of this people suffer in many areas of life, on all levels.

True peace and true prosperity come from a foundation that serves life across the board, within balance, within truth and within accountability. But in this world, the story that lives is blame, anger, passing the buck and spin doctoring and within these parameters we have chaos, which lives within all systems and all governments.

SUNBLOOD is a story lived to serve a heart and to serve the hearts of mankind. It is a story to bring awareness. It is a story to remember truth, but mostly it is a story of love, honest to god love, that moves past pain, that moves past fear, a love lived to tell a story of life, of kindness, of remembering that we are all one. That there is no separation between any of us and that we all deserve the heart of truth, which is prosperity, peace, kindness, love, dignity and the remembering of the heart, its gifts, its love and most of all, the living of it.

SUNBLOOD is also a story that shares revelations and a new cure to cancer and disease based within a brand new understanding of the brain, and the shock and trauma that affects all aspects of our body. This new cure was introduced by Dr. Hamer, the cure living within a new understanding of the truth of the brain and its workings, relative to the psyche's unexpected shocks and how it deals with them.

I would like to thank Dr. Hamer, and Konstanze Iltgen who translated Dr. Hamer, book, The New Medicine, into English, knowledge that helped me survive and understand a greater piece of this puzzle of life, which is that systems are still designed to make money, not to cure people, as can be constituted from the backlash Dr. Hamer, has received despite the fact that his empirical studies were accepted by the University of Czechlosovakia, the backlash generated due to the fact that with this new system, pharmaceuticals would eventually lose in market share, as our world is a run by a system that serves money, not people.

I would also like to say that the path I lived was mine so please do not attempt to live or use any of the remedies that I experienced. (Please see the disclaimer at the beginning of the book.) The way I came to understand the truth of life and the truth of healing a body and mind came with enormous pain and let's face it, living on the edge of death. .

I do not wish that on anyone, but as we all came to live individual lives and to find individual answers each and every one of us will live an original path. To follow the path of another denies one's own life. However, there are teachings and wisdom on this journey of mine that can enlighten and even act as a catalyst to your journey, a journey that will unravel in its telling, and within its own beauty, within your life.

The best words I can give you in regard to this is follow your heart and follow your gut and temper it with common sense and remember, you and only you are responsible for the acquiring of information, the understanding of information and the actions regarding information that you receive. Be wise and live with the clearest form of truth that you can.

In truth, what I have come to understand is that 'life is lived to serve life'. That is what I have come to understand through the different events that I lived. Although, my answers, the deepest core answers that lie beyond this world's understanding, because of this world's systemized approach to life that denies the heart and wisdom came from another place beyond this world.

For now, all I can say is that I hope you enjoy my story, painful as it is, this story of healing a broken mind, a broken spirit and a dying heart, a body living on the edge of death, the years passing and the learning and the journey reaching terrifying proportions. But of course, you have to have lived it to experience or even understand it. But the mind is a curious thing. It can live in its own shadow or it can open to the light and see beyond many realms, into the truth of a life, into the truth of a world, if you have the courage to face the mind and all of its fears, the shadows of time and the bucking of society's fear, which controls in order not to face its own fear.

All in all, I hope that the wisdom I learned and am passing on within the tale that I have lived and the pages of time that will bring you into another realm and another understanding, will bring some form of happiness, peace, and understanding, but most of all, awareness to the truth of the life we are all living and the life we could all be living, if we but understand and face the fears within our own minds and the fears of this world.

Leigha Anastasia von Micks

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