This heart that speaks and remembers! This heart that calls your name! For what a name it is! The beauty, the life, the understanding. . .that is you, that remembers you. . . this heart, this beauty, this truth.

He remembers my name! Your name! Our names all the same. The name that lies in secret majesty, the name that lives forever. The love. . .beauty. . . the light and the all encompassing passion, a passion that lives within.

For we are all the heart. . . the heart remembering. The remembering of life! The remembering of truth! The remembering of a time that lives within our souls. A time past waiting. A time. . . listening. . .to our hearts. To see if we are ready! Are we ready? Can we live this dance of life or will we forget the memories. . . the truth of who we really are? The place that calls us home. . .where the heart lives, where the forgiveness lives, the forgiveness of our memories and the pain, the waiting still for something yet unknown that teases us with a sharp sweet pain.

The pain of forgetfulness that remembers, touching us like gossamer wings, the kiss of the wind against the face, teasing you, awakening you to this beauty we call life. …This heart we call our own. This time we wait.

But for what? The words to awaken us. The words that will touch our soul. Can we survive! …Can we remember!…Yes! …For it is written in the hearts of us all, the life that we will live will come from the beauty of our soul…and the remembering of who we really are.

And so it is….the heart, the remembering….the destiny of us all.

Sunblood… the memory, the truth and a journey to the heart of us all. Awake and remember, for such is the beauty of your soul.

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